When Details Matter, Trust Gilson’s

Gilson’s is known across Greater Cincinnati as the most-trusted location for beautiful, engraved gifts. Tony Gilson, a master-hand engraver, brought his refined trade of hand engraving to the Cincinnati market when he opened his first location, The Pewter Place Engravery, in 1974. Since then, Gilson’s business has evolved from a pewter-only, hand-engraving trade shop to one of the finest engraving businesses in the region.

Gilson’s is a central part of the Madeira community, where Tony and his wife, Susan, custom built their current showroom 10 years ago. From one corner of the store to the other, beautiful jewelry and fine metals bear the intricate details of engraving. Gilson’s offers both hand engraving and machine engraving, and the store has proven time and time again that its attention to detail and mastery of the art is second to none.

Considered a special occasion store, nearly all customers who stop in at Gilson’s are shopping for important moments in life. From silver spoons, teething rings, and pewter cups for baby gifts to engraved jewelry for graduation and personalized silver platters for wedding gifts, Gilson’s has a breathtaking selection of gifts that can be machine-engraved in a matter of hours or hand-engraved in just a few days’ time.

Gilson’s is family owned and operated, and the warmth of the staff reflects the appreciation Gilson’s has for its customers and surrounding community. Custom work for local high schools, universities, and businesses drives the corporate side of Gilson’s, while personalized gifts and jewelry remain best sellers for families and special occasions.

Over the years, Tony Gilson has made his mark—literally—on scores of gifts for some of the most famous retailers in the world, like Cartier watches and Tiffany jewelry. In his time as a tradesman, Gilson has worked on an impressive display of famous items, including a chalice that belonged to Florence Nightingale and flatware for the Royal Yacht Britannia. His portfolio includes work for multiple Presidents of the United States, and it’s been seen in Hollywood hits like Denzel Washington’s 2007 movie The Great Debaters.

The customer base for Gilson’s is as vast as it is loyal. As technology changes and engraving and etching tools become more sophisticated, Gilson’s adds to its portfolio of services. Custom-laser cutting boards, leather notebooks, and wooden signs are all available, and Gilson’s takes pride in offering high-quality gifts in a range of styles, budgets, and designs.

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