TriHealth Executive Health Program: Transforming Health to Achieve Top-Level Performance

Keeping employees healthy keeps a business healthy. For many professionals, the daily stress of running a department, region, or entire business is exhausting. Early morning meetings and late night work sessions interrupt sleep patterns. Crammed calendars eliminate the opportunity to exercise. Travel and busy days make it hard to eat healthy. In all professions, occasional bursts of high-intensity work periods are to be expected. For executive-level professionals, the demands can continue for years, making sustained health and wellbeing a hard-to-attain goal.

The TriHealth Executive Health Program is working hard to make health and wellbeing part of every executive’s life. The program, designed to enhance the quality of both personal and professional lifestyles, enables time-crunched professionals to set aside a single workday dedicated to their personal wellbeing. Rather than attempting to cram important doctors’ appointments into an overpacked schedule throughout the year, TriHealth makes it simple to plan a comprehensive, one-to-one physician visit that covers all aspects of the patient’s life.

In a single business day, a busy professional can safely and comfortably complete a year’s worth of health exams, screenings and tests. Behind the program are Executive Health physicians Dr. Lisa Larkin and Dr. Douglas Linz. During the day, the doctors will run a complete set of tests and assessments, tailored to the participant’s age, gender, health status and risk factors. These can include blood and lab work, exercise evaluations, stress, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and hearing tests, as well as a dermatological exam, sexual and mental health screenings, and a general physical assessment. Female patients also have the opportunity to receive a mammogram and talk with Dr. Larkin about transitions associated with menopause.

The executive lifestyle is naturally prone to stress and often is prime for unhealthy habits. But, around the time when most people hit high-level, high-demand roles in a business is also when their bodies naturally begin to change. Around age 50, both men and women have physiological changes that are important to monitor, like fluctuations in blood pressure, lipid levels, bowel and bladder complications, bone density, and more. For women, this is around the age that conversations around menopause and sexual health become increasingly important.

Dr. Larkin, a Certified Menopause Clinician, takes special care to have open conversations with female patients—and she uses the additional time with patients in the Executive Health Program to ensure that every woman has the time, support, and comfort needed to have honest conversations about physical and mental changes they are experiencing. Rather than shuffle through patients at the typical clip of 8-9 minutes per patient, Dr. Larkin has the ability to talk with patients for 60-90 minutes in the initial physical exam, another 90 minutes with female patients during the women’s health portion of the day, and a final 30 minutes at the end of the session to review all of the lab work and diagnostics from the day.

More than simple convenience, the Executive Health Program gives professionals the ability to truly stop and get a clear picture of their health. And, it’s important to note that the program is open to anyone who would like to participate in a comprehensive, personal health experience that equips them with an action plan to optimize their wellbeing. As Dr. Larkin explains, “Busy, mid-life women and men — even if not executives — can benefit from this program.”

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