Madonna Manor: Compassion at Every Level of Care

Aging can be a very individual experience for everyone, and trying to predict exactly what lies ahead for our future is a rather futile effort. Madonna Manor, a 501(c)3 Catholic senior living community in Northern Kentucky, doesn’t help you predict your future, but it does something even better: it provides the calm, peace, and care you may need at any point in the aging process.

For more than 50 years, Madonna Manor has been serving Greater Cincinnati’s growing population of seniors. The community is Northern Kentucky’s only Continuum of Care Retirement Community (known as a CCRC), meaning it provides lifestyle support and care at all later stages of life, including:

• Independent living
• Assisted Living
• Memory Care
• Long Term Nursing Home
• Rehabilitation Care

Families love Madonna Manor because of its incredible loyalty to its residents. Currently, Madonna Manor cares for 134 residents, but the community has been open and caring for its residents since 1965. As a CCRC, Madonna Manor welcomes individuals at any point in the care spectrum—and residents can be there for short term, like rehabilitation care, or long term, like skilled nursing care.

The flexibility of Madonna Manor’s status as a CCRC enables you to find the right spot for your current needs (or the needs of a loved one), but you can live with comfort and peace of mind knowing that more advanced individual care is available if your needs change. In fact, most residents begin their stay at Madonna Manor well in advance of needing assistance with activities of daily living.

Madonna Manor’s loyalty makes a difference in the lives of its residents: once you live at Madonna Manor, you have priority for the next level of care should you need it. Most beds are taken by individuals who have trusted Madonna Manor’s compassionate caregivers for years in advance.
In keeping with its tradition of care, Madonna Manor offers a benevolent fund, which alleviates the need for individuals to pay for their care if they can no longer afford it and have lived in the community for several years. Taking care of their own is part of the values of Madonna Manor, which is a private-pay, non-profit facility.

Madonna Manor continues to renovate and improve the community for its current and future residents. The newest building on the campus is just six years old, and many of the developments are focused on assisted living and independent living apartments, which is where most residents initially come to live. Madonna Manor recently opened The Adelaide Center, which is designed to serve upcoming independent villa homes to open in the near future, and will feature a bistro, a dedicated chef, a fitness center, bar and lounge area, and much more.

Madonna Manor is particularly appealing to couples, especially if one individual has more complicated needs than his or her spouse. Unlike other types of care centers, Madonna Manor is built to house individuals of all care needs—meaning spouses can be a short walk from one another without sacrificing care and medical priorities. One spouse may live in an independent cottage and the other is safely living in memory care. This unity and loyalty enables many families to live out their lives with the care they need and the freedom and flexibility they want.

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