Introducing Misti DeNicolo: Aesthetician at Pellé

Pellé Medical Skincare is excited to introduce the newest addition to their skincare team—Misti DeNicolo. Misti joins Pellé as a part-time licensed medical aesthetician.

Misti graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology. After college, Misti worked in hospital sales for Merck & Co., Inc. in both Manhattan and Cincinnati. After twelve years in sales, she left Merck in 2003 to become a full-time mom.

As a client of Pellé, Misti was introduced to the world of medical skincare. She was inspired by owner Chris Klueh’s enthusiasm for the skincare field and her in-depth knowledge of it. She admired how Chris always put her clients first and how her clients kept coming back to her. When Misti mentioned to Chris that she wanted to re-enter the work force in a field for which she had a passion, Chris urged her to get her aesthetician license and join the Pellé team.

After studying for eight months to obtain her license, Misti now performs many of the services at Pellé, such as peels, brow waxing and tinting, and facial waxing. Soon, she will be doing lash extensions.

With her medical background, Misti enjoys the medical aspects of her job. Misti appreciates how Pellé is different from many other salons. A plastic surgeon– Dr. Allison Lied–oversees the procedures. All of Pellé’s peels and skincare products are medical grade, unlike what is typically found in a general salon.

In discussing facials performed at Pellé, Misti said the products used are backed by medical studies. She highly recommends that people receive routine facials–or peels, as they are known. A peel assists with cell turnover and should be performed every six to eight weeks.

Misti advises clients to continue skincare maintenance on a regular basis. This will extend the positive effects of the procedures performed on the skin. Pellé offers a variety of skincare services, such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, and micro-needling. The type of service depends upon the skin’s issues and needs, like pigmentation, aging, or acne. Pellé is proud that their services are boutique, rather than a one-solution-fits-all operation.

Misti’s passion for her job and Pellé shines through. Said Misti, “I do this for fun. It’s a great job that I love. It’s different from sales—a different feeling. It’s not even like a job!”

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