Healthy Hair is Always in Style

Balayage creates beautiful customized color focused on light. This timeless freehand sweeping technique allows Freehand Color Contouring to create illusion and light to compliment the face shape, and skin tone as well as enhance eye color. Balayage gives a gorgeous finish that looks nature-enhanced and compliments most all color services. It can be subtle or strong – whatever you want. It is today’s customized technique!

The benefit of Balayage is a softer, gradual, look with a less noticeable regrowth line, which adds longevity to the color service. It grows out beautifully and naturally so you can wear it longer between appointments.

It’s suitable for all hair lengths and types and works on both light and dark hair.

Protect your color as you would with any other color effect: use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner, get regular treatments, and, use heat protection when styling.

Let’s take a look at Cathleen, below. She’s naturally a dark blonde, with an oval-shaped face and warm brown eyes. With just a few sweeps of color to contour her face, light and tone is added to her stunning light blonde hair to create this beautiful effect!

Healthy hair is attractive hair and that will never go out of fashion!

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