Don’t Be Jealous; Be Well Traveled

Instead of feeling left out when you bid farewell to friends or family as they embark on the trip of a lifetime, why not plot an epic adventure of your own?

It’s your time to discover the other side of the earth. Experience Asia’s modern economic powerhouses and legendary destinations of ancient culture: Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, where deeply held Eastern traditions meet modern Western sensibilities. And once you’re there, Australia and New Zealand are just a stone’s throw away. This is an adventure after all, so think big! Experience New Zealand’s Koekohe Beach on Otago’s coast and marvel at the giant Moeraki Boulders, a natural and mythic phenomenon.

Or you could trace the routes of the earliest merchants from Greece to India. Visit Port Said, founded over 150 years ago as a working base for the construction of the Suez Canal. It serves as a gateway to the Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx on the outskirts of Cairo. Marvel at the panoramic views as you traverse the desert by ship. Or why not hop on a camel and travel to the astonishing red sandstone city of Petra, Jordan. Of course, it’s also accessible by car, but camel sounds far more exotic. One of our favorites is Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The world’s longest defined coastal touring route. Stretching 1600 miles from Malin Head to Kinsale Harbor.

Go big or go home. Or, go on a big cruise and then go home. Did you know you could board a cruise ship and visit as many as 21 countries stopping in up to 44 ports in one sailing? You could collect more travel milestones in one trip than most people do in a lifetime! World journeys that range from 27 to 128 days are within reach on Viking Ocean Cruises.

What’s the best way to decide between a river or ocean cruise? Well, you no longer have to. For example, Viking and others offer combined trips with itineraries of up to 18 days. It’s the perfect compromise, jet-setter style!

The bottom line is there’s a huge world of options out there and it can be a little unnerving to plan that special trip on your own. That’s where we come in. We pride ourselves in being a “no fee” agency. What that means to you is we don’t nickel and dime you while planning your adventure. What kind of memories do you want to make? Do you have a bucket list? We will take the time to listen and help you plan that trip of a life time. Or a simple weekend getaway. Whatever you need. Call today and let’s give them something to be jealous about. (859)-488-1837.

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