A Bridal Shower to Remember

The best bridal showers go far beyond small talk, shower games and opening gifts. A great bridal shower reflects the engaged couple’s personality and engages the guests in games, chit chat, sipping and story sharing. Here are a few themes that we love:

Couple’s Shower
Who says showers have to be just for the bride and her ladies? That’s why we love the idea of a couple’s shower! This shower allows anyone close to the couple-both fellas and ladies-to join the wedding shower fun! These showers can range from afternoon I-Do Barbecues to a cocktail party at the couple’s favorite bar or restaurant.

Brunch with the Bride
Who doesn’t love a good brunch? We all do, so gather the bride and her girlfriends for a mid-morning get-together full of mimosas and sweets. To make it even more special, ask the guests to help the bride and groom prepare for a brunch feast of their own by requesting them to bring anything she might need to entertain!

Linen Shower
Add luxury to the couple’s private space by asking the guests to bring items such as monogrammed pillowcases, lavish down pillows and fine cotton or linen sheets. You can expand this theme by including both bed and bath gifts such as his and her bathrobes, luxurious towels and fancy soaps. Since every couple is unique with their own particular style, encourage the guests to visit their registry before purchasing.

Month of the Year
Make your wedding memories last longer than just one day! By having a month of the year shower, each guest is assigned a month of the year and will bring a gift that corresponds. For example, if someone is assigned August they may bring items for the beach or pool. Items such as monogrammed beach towels or a nice cooler make a perfect gift. On the other hand a guest assigned January would bring a cozy fleece blanket or his and hers coffee mugs.

At M. Hopple & CO. we look forward to assisting you with your bridal shower ideas.

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